Road of the Dead

screenshot of road of the dead game

Listen up, haters: Road of the Dead is talking, and it’s got a lot to say. Mainly, it’s going to tell you that it’s an epic, distance-based zombie-killing spectacular with huge quantities of blood, needless yet unavoidable civilian deaths, and a first-person perspective that makes Earn to Die look like a child playing with his first tiny car toys. You stopped hating yet? No? Well just play the game and see for yourself.

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Sonny 2

screenshot of sonny 2 game

Victory has a name, and that name is Sonny, or at least it is if you’re playing Sonny 2. A fairly standard turn-based format mixed with some insanely elaborate visuals, audio, and overly-polished design is what to expect from this game, with entertainment falling in your lap very occasionally, making it a game only for the most loyal of fans.

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Road of the Dead 2

You can’t delve too deeply into the world of zombie games without encountering the “of the dead” inclusion in the title. You’ve got Dawn of the Dead, The House of the Dead, City of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead; this descriptive and informative phrase that pops up again and again lets us know that we should be expecting zombies, blood, guts, and a generally morbid experience that involves fighting for your survival and most likely loving every minute of it. Road of the Dead doesn’t dare be the exception to this rule, with its vehicle-based zombie encounters that take the concept of Earn to Die and apply some actual driving skill, superior upgrades, and a first-person perspective that the zombie genre can truly thrive in. I’ve played Road of the Dead to absolute death by now, though, but still my cup does nothing less than overfloweth with liquid excitement in the wake of the content of developer Evil Dog’s development blog, which gives us slivers of information about what to expect in Road of the Dead 2’. It is due to hit the internet sometime very soon, and I hope you don’t mind me having a one-sided discussion with myself about its possible features below. 

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Sonny 3

I’ve played many a turn-based battle game in my time, spilling thousands of litres of blood and ending countless numbers of lives along the way. I’d like to make it clear that I’m talking about fictional battles here; the lives I have taken are all flash-based, and have often been within the confines of fairly simple-looking games with some extremely addictive gameplay. Now, I found Sonny 2 to be the opposite of these in that the game was elaborately designed and looks quite fantastic, but the gameplay didn’t seem to match up to its polished aesthetic. Don’t get me wrong, Sonny 2 is a pretty solid turn-based battle game, but I felt the whole ‘all style, no substance’ phrase applied to it. I won’t go into the reasons why here (read about this in my Sonny 2 review), but I would very much like Sonny 3 to be the game that Sonny 2 wasn’t, which is why I’m using the limited space below to talk about features that would be just dandy in this sequel. 

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Decision 3

There just isn’t anything like a bit of old-fashioned shooting, is there? Well, that is unless you’re talking about shooting for the purpose of capturing and remaining in control of a variety of areas that are infested with zombies: then you’ve got yourself a fun scenario. In Decision 2, this was exactly your predicament, and I find it difficult to describe to you (if you’re a new player at least) just how immensely entertaining developers FlyAnvil has managed to make the act of wandering around in a third-person person perspective shooting zombies and strategically taking and holding positions that give you an advantage over the enemy. Decision 3 can’t be too far in the future, either, since the second outing of our decision maker was so ridiculously fantastic and popular that the act of not producing a sequel would be one of the biggest mistakes of this decade, in the context third-person shooter zombie games at least. So, shall we have a little wander down the avenue of anticipation and perhaps muse a little about how the next game will be better? Why, I think we shall.

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